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Converting IFC to gbXML

  • Differences between the IFC and gbXML schema are known, as well as their use throughout the construction field. In order to stimulate early building performance simulations it can be valuable to convert IFC to gbXML as independent application (e.g. Python scripting). Manual input to simulation software can be minimized and analysis are made more accessible.

    So, how can building information be translated and converted from IFC to gbXML schema? What elements are most important and how is this information represented in both IFC and gbXML?


    I’ve tried to find a software that can convert IFC to gbXML. The closest I’ve come so far is importing it in DDS-CAD Viewer and then export it as XML (not gbXML). Unfortunatly my simulation software was not able to load the XML file properly, some undefined error came up. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has tried something similar!


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