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New Web-Based gbXML Viewer is Available

  • Check out this beta of a new open-source web-based gbXML viewer that allows you to view, pan, zoom, and rotate any gbXML file within your browser! Click here to check it out.

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    This is a great first step and looks good,
    but we need one tool that will allow us to check issues with gbXML and possibly fix it.
    Most of the people using Revit but there is also Bentley and ArchiCAD tools.
    Unfortunately, they produce a poor quality of gbXML.
    We need to have some verified and common platform that allows us to run gbXML checks and if the model is correctly built. Allow us to send comments back with issues on gbMXL so they can implement improvement to gbXML generation engine.

    So far best tool on market is :
    FZKViewer 4.8 (Build 929)

    Currently, we need to a tool that will show us following:

    Just simple list:
    1. spaces names for duplicated spaces
    2. spaces names, surface ID of problematic surfaces, polygons

    we just need to fix the most basic step geometry….once this is working all other steps should be easier…

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