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What do you think of the new gbXML website?

  • We’d like to hear your feedback about the new website.

    New Website looks fine and quite modern.
    However, speed is terrible compare to discorse .ie

    I could not see many replies from gbXML “committee” to users question and comments.
    This forum should be the main place on a discussion on development and direction it goes. Currently is dead and I hope become live forum.. see ie Dynamo forum, Ladybug… etc

    The forum is not friendly to use and poor functionality. Personally, I do not like it.
    However if someone asks me if I can build better one – answer is not. But there are an amazing solution already in place as one that I attached.

    I am unable to load to this website my gbXML and see where are an issue with my file… which spaces, which surfaces… etc etc….
    I do apologise for honest feedback but my experience with contacting you on gbXML and influencing gbXML is poor.

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